Laser Cutting

Until recently, I thought that laser cutting is reserved for people with huge workshops and a nice budget. Then, I found out that laser engraves are actually pretty capable laser cutters. Laser engravers (based on diode lasers instead of CO2 lasers) are smaller and much more affordable. I bought an xTool D1 (10W module) and I was surprised of how well it works. I actually gave up on much of my workshop since making small creations is much easier now.

Pencil Case With a Rolling Top

I made a wooden pencil case with a rolling top, and I absolutely love it. It looks nice and opening/closing the pencil box makes the most satisfying sound. I designed it using a tool called, which is worth checking out.

Table Lamp

I made a wooden table lamp.The sides are made of 3mm plywood and the bottom / top parts are made of 6mm plywood (painted poplar plywood in both cases).

Air Assist Upgrade

I upgraded my laser cutter by adding an air assist. The air assist aims a jet of air at the region being cut by the laser, preventing char build-up and increasing the laser efficiency.

Desk Organizer

I made a pen holder cup and a notepad (scratchpad) dispenser. It’s made of a 3mm plywood frame & a concrete base. You can make your own too! It’s a 1-hour project.

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