Personal Projects

Acorn Light Bulbs

I made small light bulbs out of acorn and glass spheres. I grouped a few of them to make a small lamp.

Ruler to Caliper Conversion

I made a caliper based on an ordinary ruler and 3D printed parts. The caliper allows you to measure diameters and its resolution is 10 times higher of the original ruler!

Piggy-Bank & Key Hanger Shelf

It has all you need for an entryway shelf – a through-the-shelf piggy bank, key hangs, and room for storage.

Draw Your Own Resistors

A guide on how to use pencils to draw resistors, perform physics experiments, and even calculate the height of pencil-drawn lines.

Measure Waves and Surface Deformations using a Camera

A step-by-step guide to capture microscopic surface deformations (static or moving) using a camera and PIV image analysis.

My Challah Recipe

After making hundreds of Challah loafs, tweaking the and perfecting my recipe back and forth, I was finally ready to reveal my secrets.

A Trick to Keep Your Soda Drinks Carbonated for Days

A simple kitchen accessory allowing you to pressurize open soda bottles and keep them fizzy for days!

My Award Winning Himalayan-Inspired Ginger-Garlic Soup

An entire meal in one hot bowl.

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